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Writing, writing, writing

You guys.  I’ve discovered something that helps me write more often!

It’s this thing called “Save Draft”…

I have a problem. I’m a “spaghetti thinker”, meaning I start with one thought that leads into an entirely different topic that relates to a completely isolated subject and so on and so forth. I have considered many blog posts over the last few months, but then I get so lost in thinking about them, that by the time I’m ready to write I can’t focus on one of the hundreds of things in my head. Hopefully this handy-dandy little draft button will help me write those things out and then save them for the time they are ready to be published.

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Hello Life, Prepare to be Lived

I have this phrase stuck in my head lately.

It goes like this:


I spent a good part of my life living in fear – allowing life to happen to me, rather than me happening to life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the gift we have in our time here; how am I using that time?  Am I always waiting for tomorrow to do the things I want with my life?  Am I constantly dependent on the “right” circumstances before I move forward?

I waited a long time to get over all of the fears and the “what if”s that keep me from taking risks.

And I’m tired.

Tired of waiting.  Tired of letting life happen to me.  Tired of not taking risks.  Tired of being polite to a point that is unhealthy and not speaking when I should.  Tired of never writing a blog post because I don’t want to deal with the uncomfortable comments I might receive from friends and family when they read my posts.  Tired of being tired.

So I’m done.

Done waiting.

Ready for living.

Maybe not without fears, but in spite of them.


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The Yearly Blog Update

It’s that time of a year again.

You know, the time when I remember all of the things I’ve been meaning to blog about and haven’t gotten around to…

April 2013

  • Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary
  • Still lots of morning sickness

May 2013

  • Tornadoes down south where the fam is at
  • Still sick

June 2013

  • “Due date” (6/11) came and went with no sign of baby…
  • Miss Olivia Caroline made her debut on June 25th @ 9:40am after 23 hours of induced labor (more on her birth later)
  • Mom came to visit and help with the transition of a new baby

July 2013

  • Baby nursed 24/7 and I watched 7 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

August 2013

  • Got in a minor fender bender that messed our backs up and have been going to the chiropractor ever since
  • Olivia and I went on a road trip with Daddy for work
  • Went back to work the week Olivia turned 8 weeks old

September/October/November 2013

  • Work/adjust to working mommy life

December 2013/January 2014

  • 2 week trip to visit family (again, more later)

February 2014

  • I should start blogging again…
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